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Is forex smart work or hard work

Aug 20,  · In my opinion forex is only hard if you are trying to predict. I trade both long and short and the only hard part for me when I started was trying to find a system that fits me. Once I got that out of the way everything became very simple. Trading Forex is only Difficult if you are not prepared. Oct 19,  · Forex is a hard works but galore gainful.I judge it is a very complete and smart online utilize in this we beggary severe line and standard then we can earning Employed modishly e'er ensure that you variety maximum money in a miniature is a good income success works. Sep 18,  · Forex is very smart work. If you have correct strategies, tools and indicators then you can surely become a good trader. Working smartly always ensure that .

Short Term Vs. Long Term Trading 74 replies. Long term Vs Short Term Trading 72 replies. Options Search. Short Term. First Post : Edited at pm Apr 29, am Edited at pm. Commercial Member Joined Sep 1, Posts. There are tons of reasons but I'd like to talk about Is forex smart work or hard work that I think cover a lot of ground.

Most traders seem to be very short term "swing" or intra-day traders looking to pick up a few pips and Is forex smart work or hard work on.

What makes this do difficult is that trying to accurately predict the little pip blips and bleeps over and over again on a consistent basis with a long term profit is something I consider to be nearly impossible for the vast majority of traders to do. You'll have some winning and losing streaks but, overall, if you manage to even keep your head barely above water you're probably way ahead of the game.

Most of these very short term traders rely on the technical indicators to set up their trades. Many have "backtested" a system, but I think backtesting is a huge waste of time. To really test a system you need to back your charts up as far as they'll go then slowly move things forward, entering and exiting trades as you go.

Now do some more testing the same way. Most trading "systems' are variations of MA crossover systems. Trade "when the little hand is on the 2 and the big hand is on the Yes in a long term trend they look OK, but see the above then tell me if they really work.

They can't tell you when profits are maxed and they can't keep you out of choppy markets, which is when you'll be giving back all the profits made when you were lucky enough to catch a trend. Very few traders are long term and there are some very good reasons why.

Longer term trading requires a very good knowledge of fundamentals and economics. It takes time to digest all this and most traders probably find it very boring and difficult to follow but, what really makes this type of trading so difficult is that in order to stay in these trades you'll need to be able to ride out the inevitable ups and downs that occur as a trend progresses.

There's much less "action" here because longer term trends don't get set up every day or even every week. These kinds of trades don't appeal to the gamblers. All this being said, I really believe the long term trader has a much better chance of being profitable. I'll explain this by setting up a few bets on the NY Yankees. Everyone knows the Yankees are a very good team, Is forex smart work or hard work. Does that mean they'll win the world series every Is forex smart work or hard work No, but here's my long term bet: I'm gonna bet that the Yankees are gonna win more games then they'll lose this year.

That's it. I only have one bet the whole season. Boring, really. What's worse is that they've lost 7 out of their last 8 and they're below. I'm losing pips and I gotta stay in and ride it out. Not easy. Here's the Yankee bet that's like trading those short term blips and bleeps: I'm gonna bet the Yankees score in this inning.

Hey, they scored in the 2 previous innings. Alex Rodriguez is coming up, the short term MA of runs scored by the Yankees has crossed over the long term MA of runs given up by the opposing pitcher There's a lot Is forex smart work or hard work fun in betting this way, Is forex smart work or hard work. Plenty of action, as long as your money holds out. I guess i'm a boring trader.

Hope I didn't bore you too much. If longer term trading interests you and you want some help with fundamental analysis, I have several other threads that will help. Just do a search. Apr 29, pm Apr 29, pm. Quoting NewstraderFX. Relax and be happy. Joined Jan Status: Member Posts. I have recently come to this conclusion as well. I think longer term trading could be very enjoyable, slowly increasing your position as it moves in your favour. So why do it? It's FUN!

All of you reading these forums I'm sure have a gambling side. Perhaps this is a major weakness?? However I am completely clueless for long term entry and stop loss strategies. Can anyone recommend good reading material for longer term fx trading??

Edited at pm Apr 29, pm Edited at pm. Quoting turk Exactly what makes trading forex so hard! Sure, I wish I could have shorted at a better price, but I still think the prices I got will look cheap as time goes on. Edited at pm May 21, pm Edited at pm. Joined Mar Status: Member Posts. I belive most trader they just want to pocket the pip instand to holding the trade.

May 21, pm May 21, pm. Joined Feb Status: Member 2, Posts. All that is left in FF is just plain garbage. Joined Apr Status: Member 7, Posts. Usually, but not alwaysIs forex smart work or hard work, a pair has a Is forex smart work or hard work week, or a bearish week, and I can see holding pairs for that long, or sometimes longer.

However, there are ways to trade short-term and make money. It's your risk-reward ratio. The point is if you had a casino, and you were the house, you would make more money the more people placed bets, more than just having 2 or 3 wealthy losers. Depends on the amount of money you have also, with enough money, it would make sense only to trade long-term, but until people can get to that level, I would think that most people would prefer to mix it up.

May 22, am May 22, am. Joined May Status: Member 1, Posts. Still, excellent stuff in his Is forex smart work or hard work. Joined Feb Status: Live long and have fun : 1, Posts. Quoting mtuppers. On the path to Enrichment. I know there is a lot of noise in the intraday charts It is more risky. May 22, pm May 22, pm. Quoting Jurrasic.

Nice But 15m and 30m charts are less fit for such indicator systems and less comfortable because of news, try lowe timeframes and lower spread with targets of a few pips - and a broker that allows all that as Marketiva doesn't. Give me a break Aug 20, am Aug 20, am, Is forex smart work or hard work. Joined Jul Status: Member 23 Posts. In my opinion forex is only hard if you are trying to predict. I trade both long and short and the only hard part for me when I started was trying to find a system that fits me.

Once I got that out of the way everything became very simple. Trading Forex is only Difficult if you are not prepared. Aug 20, pm Aug 20, pm. Always remember Forex is dificult for who is startingnot for pros. Joined Oct Status: Member Posts.

Quoting merlin. If a person trades profitably short-term over a long while, isn't he a long-term success story then?



Is forex smart work or hard work


You learn to trade Forex (smart work) and become financially independent. Or you can work hard at a 9 to 5 job for the rest of your life. The choice is yours. Oct 16,  · forex trading is a smart job but it needs hard work too. we not only need to be smart, but we have to learn a lot and practice a lot, do hard work to make ourselves have good skills when we trade and it is work for people how to never get knowledge about this business first because we know this is a very risky business if we make a small. Many traders don't win because they try to hard with their forex strategy, however there is no correlation between the effort you make and the profits you earn. Lets look how to work less on a forex trading strategy, work smart and make bigger profits.